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We know you love what we sell, so why not get paid for sharing our brand?

We Want To Build A Community Of Hard Working And Passionate People!

Let's be honest, Brand Ambassador Programs are like a dime a dozen; because of this, Alpha United Apparel has held out on create a program like this just for the sake of creating one. What we want to to do is not only set ourselves aside as a brand by providing the absolute best products available on the market and top notch customer service, but also by building not just a cliche affiliate program where our ambassadors earn money from commissions. Our affiliate program is about much more than the commissions earned through their sales, but a family of highly motivated individuals who help one another achieve their own goals and aspirations. Not just in fitness, but in life. 

For this reason, our approval process is much more stringent than most you'll see in this industry. We want the top 1%, the best and the brightest, the most passionate, and the most dedicated to putting the work in every day and giving 110%.

Here's what our program offers: 

  • All ambassadors received a lifetime 20% discount on all of their own personal purchases for as long as they remain active in our affiliate program. 
  • Ambassadors receive a referral link to our store and a custom discount code giving their customers 10% off all orders. 
  • Ambassadors receive a 10% commission on all sales converted through their referral link 
  • Access to Ambassador Only monthly giveaways which will include drawings for free products and apparel or rewards for top-selling affiliates. 
  • Ambassadors receive access to our private Facebook group with our other team members where they gain access to special promotions, early bird product releases, and collaboration with other team members. 
  • As a member of our team, you will receive shout outs from other ambassadors in return for your shout outs! Our goal is to create a "hive" of social media influencers who help one another grow through posts and shoutouts on one another's pages.


To become a Alpha United Brand Ambassador, you must fulfill all of the following requirements. Requirement fulfillment for members will be reviewed each month - members who do not meet the minimum criterion will not be considered for our program: 

  • You must have ordered and received at least one item from Alpha United.
  • Ambassadors must create story posts for other ambassadors and customers at least twice per week. You must reciprocate story tags of you from other ambassadors. The idea here is, you post them, they post you! Story tags should include @alpha.united.apparel as well as the ambassador you're sharing.
  • Ambassadors must also include 'Alpha United Brand Ambassador' in their Instagram Bio and must provide their referral link on their profile. 
  • Ambassadors must join and contribute to the Alpha United Ambassador WhatsApp Group - this includes providing photo content of them wearing our products and collaborating with other Ambassadors.  

Sign up below to become an ambassador to our awesome brand. If approved, you will receive an email notification from our team providing you with the next steps to get started! 

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