Meet Our Team

Our Team Is The Epitome Of Hard Work, Dedication, and Passion.

The goal at Alpha United has been to create not just a business, but an organization built on high integrity, quality, and customer service that focus on creating communities of people that serve to help another through their own life challenges and tribulations.
When we created our Brand Ambassador program, we recognized that it wasn't just about growing the Alpha United Brand but to create a group of highly motivated exceptional people that have a common goal: Self Improvement. For that reason, we opt to select only the best and the brightest. The men and women that we select for this program work hard in everything they do and we're proud to be able to create such an amazing community and family of hard workers who strive to give 100% for themselves while inspiring change and improvement in others.

Meet The Alpha United Team

Members of our Brand Ambassador Team receive 10% commission on all of the orders referred to Alpha United. Use their codes listed below to help them earn some extra cash! 

Learn How You Can Join Our Team By Becoming A Alpha United Brand Ambassador

 Josh H - Alpha United CEO

IG: @alpha.united.apparel

Josh Holyfield served five years of active service in the US Army and has worked in government contracting for ten years. He has two combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan and continues to serve as a federal contractor by providing training and direct support to special operations. As a disabled vet, he started Alpha United as a way to create a community that offers comradery and outreach for military servicemembers, veterans, and civil service.  Josh is an avid weightlifter, father, and gamer who enjoys family time and the outdoors.

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Jeremy L -

Alpha United Brand Ambassador

IG: @patriot_beard

I am a 42-year-old civilian that loves his country. I hunt, fish, and recently started Jiu Jitsu, I try to compete in IDPA or USPSA shooting matches when possible. Been married for 18 years have two Children that are 16 and 11. I do my best to live a life worthy of the sacrifice others have made so that I may be a free man and raise my children to do the same.

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Chris W -

Alpha United Brand Ambassador

IG: @nuclearsi

I am 31 and I have served in the United States Army for 12 years as an infantryman and recently switched to the combat engineer MOS. I have one combat deployment to Iraq and have been married for seven years. We have two beautiful and intelligent daughters. I enjoy getting on the motorcycle and going for a cruise, taking the girls fishing, watching Sunday night football, working out, and going to the range.

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Brandon P -

Alpha United Brand Ambassador


I’m a Patriotic Texan, I’m a Jeeper, and I sing country music. I’ve been to Afghanistan and back a few times and I’ve traveled the world. However I always come back to home...because America is the best. If you love this country and wanna represent it, then use my code and get your freedom on!

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Rob H -

Alpha United Brand Ambassador

IG: @rlh_1776

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Deborah H -

Alpha United Brand Ambassador

IG: @cachyori

Hi, I'm Deborah! I'm a Patriotic military daughter, Wife, and Mom from California. I love my family, friends, and freedom! I support all military and first responders to the fullest! I'm a firm believer in karma; I try to learn something new every day and spread kindness and positivity as much as possible. I love to help people in any way I can. I love my rescue dogs and bumpin' tunes in my Jeep!

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Matt D -

Alpha United Brand Ambassador

IG: @matthew_colby14

Hey, I'm Matt. I'm a soldier stationed in Hawaii. I love my country and will do anything for it. I became a Brand Ambassador to be able to expand my love and patriotism through this brand. 

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Phillip D -

Alpha United Brand Ambassador

IG: @rogue_tactical_solutions

I am 35 year old patriot and single father of a beautiful 14 yr old young lady of which I have been blessed to have had full custody of since she was 3. I earned my bachelors degree in human resources while working full time and taking care of her. I manage a local gun range and shop and am a fierce supporter of all of our military, Law enforcement and first responders. I love just hanging out with my family and going to the range to get in some training. "As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another."

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Anthony W -

Alpha United Brand Ambassador

IG: @warboysofficial

Hey, I’m Anthony Warboys I’m a 21 year old single dad I’m also currently serving in the Marine Corps! I’m all about smashing goals and motivating others to smash theirs! Can’t wait to see what’s ahead for this awesome brand! 

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Tami B - Alpha United Brand Ambassador

IG: @blondiemarine

USMC Veteran (Semper Fi!), barbell babe, devoted Wife & Mom, fierce friend, lover of adventure, outdoors, luxury, super cars, and fire arms. Motto: God, Country, Family, Corp.

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Jaime R -

Alpha United Brand Ambassador

IG: @missjaimering

I’m a 40 year retired military spouse, former volunteer firefighter and mom three amazing kids! I’m a huge fan of the Dallas Cowboys! Football is more than just a sport in my house, it’s a passion!

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